I pray everyday the Kingdom of our Lord is closer.

As I have heard and read. No one knows the date or time. “I do know one thing that it is 2000 years closer than it was before”, (John MacArthur). I keep praying, yes this seems to be more true everyday. I am longing for the day, as all believers do. I get down and want to go now. I know I can’t say, although I do think, please Lord, take me now. I have to do his will not mine. I am as he instructs me.

I have friends, some people considered the bottom of the barrel. It hurts me. That others can’t see, we are all the bottom of the barrel, filthy rags. I do not judge them. I have made many (mistakes) sins and any sin, only one can send you to Sheol, if you do not repent. Jesus welcomed and ate with harlots, tax collectors, adulterers, people not any good in the eyes of the law and others. They are forgiven because they repented. So is there any difference in my friends, no, I love them, because he loves them. You can’t say my brethren are at the top of the Lord’s selection, there are not any. I follow his lead and love my brothers no matter. I know because I am a sinner who only received mercy because, he gave me mercy. People go to a Church Of  The Word, the Bible, for this reason we are all sinners. The difference in a Church of The Word is no man here on earth can forgive your sins and we study the Word, The Lord is the head of our churches… The Bible has the answers to all life’s questions. Only if The Lord lets you see and hear. You only have one mediator before God. That is his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. If you are not willing to give up your life fully to him and do what the Holy Spirit directs. You may want to reassess your commitment. What does pick up you cross and follow me mean? It doesn’t mean holding back sins you still want to do. It means total access to me, knowing his work in me is under his control. That all things are possible with God, with man nothing is possible. He can change anything in us no matter.  To me it means, giving up myself completely to his use and glorification, to wherever and to whomever I am lead. He will protect me. Or, if it’s my time to go, I go gladly and willingly. Thanking him for letting me out of here into eternity. This earth at this time is under the rule of the spirit of  the evil one, the man of perdition, the man of sin, he is a liar and the father of it. Thank you Lord for giving me eyes that see, and ears that hear and a new heart and new life.

I was hurt and nevertheless, love. I was told that I don’t know my brother. That I sound like a broken record, and don’t know what I am talking about. The Lord knows what he is talking about, not me. I belong to him. I am no longer myself but, the personality he is making me. I try not to even think of myself anymore. Because thinking of myself means I am not following the Lord. I have nothing in it. It is all to His Glory. I am a vessel he chose and not for destruction.

Amen Lord Jesus

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