I visited a friend today who is down…

I have been friends with him awhile. He wants to live on his own. I keep telling him if the Lord wants you to that will granted. He has a meeting on Wednesday. He is in a wonderful group home. He has COPD and other things like depression. I keep telling him you are not a prisoner. He won’t give it to the Lord and realize his needs are being met in every way everyday. It is not a prison to have others capable of looking after your needs. He can even work if he wants. He said he feels like he is failing to witness as much as he wants to. He wants to be a man and take care of himself. I told him God knows his situation and when those times come to witness you do it.  Being out on his own would be so lonely. I just can’t get what he is thinking. I just know in my heart it is not what God will grant him. I told him to not be angry if the answer is no. Just to keep working towards that goal at a later date and see what happens. Keep studying his Bible going to church and working…Trust the Lord completely. Give it all to him. 

My situation is not much different. I live with my parents. At fifty-five I have to answer to their rules. I use their car. I stay in my room most of the time to Worship the Lord. I love my parents and pray for them daily. They are just unaware of what the world system is coming to. I take my chances to witness always but mostly it falls on blinded eyes and deaf ears. This does not mean I won’t keep trying. I want to have a part-time job. I have fulfilled one of God’s directions in my life. I am a certified Hospice Volunteer. Everything comes to those who follow the Lord’s commands and it’s not all at once. I have issues as everyone else but, by following the Word, going to my church and fellowship with other Christians, I am stronger in the Lord. I would not want it any other way and the Lord doesn’t either. I thank and worship him everyday I am here, to be given mercy in his sight. To have been chosen from the beginning for his own Glory. Is there anything else I need, no not really. I just wait for the day he returns for all of us elect Christians. I pray my prayers for others, and my family estrangement in Lebanon. I heard a message yesterday from our Pastor. He said when you pray and hope consider it completed. He said for us all to stop saying yes but. All is possible with the Lord. Nothing with man himself. So I don’t belong here in this world. My world in after this one. The Lord’s world with no fear, no pain and no tears. God also said all of these things we have lived through will no longer be remembered. I can L I V E with that E T E R N A L L Y,  Amen, Hallelujah.

What I lived before becoming to the Lord’s is no comparison. I have no where else to go and wouldn’t want to.

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