I fear the Lord, for the unsaved.

I just finished watching:  They sold their souls for rock and roll. A four cd set from Cross TV. I have also viewed Mark Kielar’s; How God Converts the Human soul series of 14. The Sovereignty of God series of 16. Both from Cross TV. I am reading John MacArthur’s new book. “Because the Time is Near”;  Also “Knowing God” by J. I. Packer. I recommend all to everyone. If you are not born again, it is possible you could be drawn to God by hearing His Word. Get out your Bibles study daily. Pray daily the Lord is coming. We don’t know the date or time when. Be ye prepared.

There many eye-opening things even I didn’t know. How our children, and us before them are being drawn by this music to satan’s realm. I knew there were satanic bands out there. This shows that all pop, rock, and country draw you to immorality, satan worship, murder, suicide, etc. Most people already know this and are sold out. Parents as I said before, these lyrics are blatantly out there. They are nothing to joke about or take lightly. They are not just a little bit wrong. As I said my daughter attended a concert in Byblos, Lebanon last summer. It was called 3 seconds to Mars. They changed the lyrics just for the concert. I looked later and they were changed back. These groups tell your kids it’s good to rebel against your parents. It’s good to be sexually active…. Open your eyes parents…… They say if a teenager isn’t saved by 14 years old they may never be….. Take the steps to safeguard yourselves and your children now…… Go to a good Gospel studying Church. Pray for the Lord’s Mercy upon you and yours. If you think I am fearful for you I am.

Read my post July 19, 2011, “The words on my daughter’s site are gone.”

Love to All, In Jesus’s Name I Pray Forever. Read John Chapter 3

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