We have no idea what the Lord has in store when we obey.

There was a situation and a certain person found $10 outside a store in the mall. It wasn’t much but, it did not belong to the person.

  1. First thought finder’s keepers. 
  2. No it has to get back to the one that lost it. 
  3. Words occurred because the person was not alone when the money was found. Person with finder said give it to me. The other person did not want the finder to turn the money in. It would never be returned to the person who lost it. Finder said I found it and am going to return it.  
  4. The finder asked the store what to do.
  5. Was told to give it to security.
  6. Gave it to security.
  7. Finder had to watch other accuse security that they would eventually pocket it or the mall would get it.
  8. Finder said it is none of our business what happens to it. The right thing was done. Security (Christian) had to defend his honesty.
  9. Daily walk arguments still occurring.
  10. Security guard approaches them.
  11. He says thank you for being so honest (Christian)
  12. Proceeds to tell what happened.
  13. A young disabled man had been in that store shopping dropping the money on the way in. When he went to buy lunch. He realized he had lost it. He was upset for he had no money for lunch or bus home.
  14. Contacts security, his money is returned.
  15. Lessons learned by person with the finder who returned the money to security. Not all people are honest but, some are. God takes care of what happens in a situation. We have to obey and let him do the rest.

This shows the Sovereignty and Glory of God the Father Almighty and those who obey him. Plus the Lord chooses what to show unbelievers. So possibly if he chooses they may see. Plus sinners always choose to sin first, so we are all sinners not worthy of his Grace. We are tested and always given a way out of the sin. I Love this True example of The Gift of Love.

I am just mentioning today is my 1 year ago return to the U.S. from Lebanon. What a big change my life through Christ has made.  I just pray someday my family will come back to me. If it is the Lord’s will. I have tried to fix it many times. His Spirit makes me realize it’s hands off time. Let me do the work. I am now a Hospice volunteer and also looking into a part-time position in the same field. I pray for all my family that they too will be called to the Lord. Especially for my dad who just finished radiation and chemo this week for pancreatic cancer. Of course, to all my brothers and sisters in the Lord, my prayers too.

Just had a conversation with my mom. She read Romans 8 28-39 out loud. I explained it to her. She says she is a Christian, and still does not know if she is going to heaven. She hopes so. I guess maybe she is just not chosen. Because she is close to seeing. Then she says all I want to talk about is the Lord. I told her that is what I am supposed to do, the Holy Spirit guides me. I am trying to pull others out of the fire for the Lord. She says the first religion is Catholic and the only one. I said what about the Jewish leaders who had Jesus crucified. That was a religion. I said the only true Word of God is the Bible. She said that is your opinion and left the room.

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