I fear the Lord, for the unsaved.

I just finished watching:  They sold their souls for rock and roll. A four cd set from Cross TV. I have also viewed Mark Kielar’s; How God Converts the Human soul series of 14. The Sovereignty of God series of 16. Both from Cross TV. I am reading John MacArthur’s new book. “Because the Time is Near”;  Also “Knowing God” by J. I. Packer. I recommend all to everyone. If you are not born again, it is possible you could be drawn to God by hearing His Word. Get out your Bibles study daily. Pray daily the Lord is coming. We don’t know the date or time when. Be ye prepared.

There many eye-opening things even I didn’t know. How our children, and us before them are being drawn by this music to satan’s realm. I knew there were satanic bands out there. This shows that all pop, rock, and country draw you to immorality, satan worship, murder, suicide, etc. Most people already know this and are sold out. Parents as I said before, these lyrics are blatantly out there. They are nothing to joke about or take lightly. They are not just a little bit wrong. As I said my daughter attended a concert in Byblos, Lebanon last summer. It was called 3 seconds to Mars. They changed the lyrics just for the concert. I looked later and they were changed back. These groups tell your kids it’s good to rebel against your parents. It’s good to be sexually active…. Open your eyes parents…… They say if a teenager isn’t saved by 14 years old they may never be….. Take the steps to safeguard yourselves and your children now…… Go to a good Gospel studying Church. Pray for the Lord’s Mercy upon you and yours. If you think I am fearful for you I am.

Read my post July 19, 2011, “The words on my daughter’s site are gone.”

Love to All, In Jesus’s Name I Pray Forever. Read John Chapter 3

The only way to know God is to hear the true word.

You can go to a church and know of him. You can come home after doing your duty and forget about him until you have to go again. I see that all the time. Going to church coming home. No change, back to cussing. Back to things that don’t matter. You can watch this world slip away right in front of you and still not see. You read about the terrible crisis of the financial system all over the world. You can read about all the wars around the world. You can read about all the famine and all the poor suffering. You can hear that many countries want to exterminate the Jews. Yes, we know in the Bible that will happen to some of them. Two-thirds will be destroyed and a remnant the Lord God will save. Zechariah 13:7-9.

You can watch the stock market all day long. You can try to make more money. You can’t see it is so the rich get richer on others losses. Why do you gamble? This world is coming towards a one world religion and economic system. You can’t pile it up and take it with you. That is why Jesus came to shame the rich and righteous. He came to save the poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart, the peacemakers, those that are persecuted. Matthew 5:3. This is the first Gospel of the New Testament. If you are searching for a love that will never let you down. He can call you if he chooses. You can bow down now and ask him for mercy. We are all sinners not one is righteous. Romans 3:9-18. The gift of grace is that Jesus died on the cross for our sins because we are all sinners. We can never receive anything without a true personal relationship with him. Yes, this means you must give up this world and what is in it. This world is truly nothing but evil, getting worse day by day. Can you really take a look and see it? Are you afraid of the wrath of God upon the ungodly? I am. He chose me and others like me for his glory alone. He gave us a new heart. He changes us daily to grow more in his love. We can’t change your heart only he can. Christians, pastors are here to tell you the good news. We do it willingly because he gave us the Holy Spirit to do so.

Fear God and his wrath on the ungodly nations. They have all gone their own ways to the evil system. If you are not for God. Who are you for? If no choice is made in you. You are for the world and the ruler of it.

Thank you Lord for choosing me to spread your word and doing your desires, not mine. When I think back on my sins, I want to bury myself far away from your eyes. Yet in your eyes you see the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ and his Pureness in a life sacrificed for us on the cross. He rose from the dead so we can have life eternal with you in Heaven. He said I go to prepare a place for you. John 14:1-4

Amen in Jesus Christ’s name we pray.

Everyday I pray and in between.

What is hope, my hope is for the Lord coming in Eternity for us. I pray while I am still here he does his work in me. I have no control over that work. He will see it to his completion. To that I give Glory. It’s a shame I still have that human part. That is the part I fight. The one that gets me sad and wishing things were different. I had a child, a child that now will come to the Lord if he chose it. A husband I am still married to who has no idea how much he needs the Lord. A stepson who is lost too. Another son and family very secretive and distant. Many in my family here are not yet called. I pray everyday as I’m sure others do for their family members. Lord if it be your will show them your Glory and Love. No one can deny he exists. That is why we have to make them aware. Peace within myself is taking time for what I always wanted was a family of my own to love me and me them (which I still do).

It’s hard not to wonder what is going on. Why can’t they forgive me. I was sick and could not control bipolar disorder. I guess I was really bad and shook the relationship to the end of it. It is not for me to ask why for I know. And we know that all things work together to those who Love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28-30. I am just a sinner he chose for his own purpose, to his Glory. I do humbly thank and worship him for that. I believe his work in me started long ago. He says when it’s time for his chosen to come. He compels you and you cannot resist his call. Just like Paul when he was knocked off his horse. Acts 9:3-19. The Lord had big plans for him and they were fulfilled to his own Glory. To all the other Apostles and Saints that came before and followed, even unto death to spread his Word. They gave all they had to him.

Some people have their comforts now. Don’t be like that Rich Man and Lazarus. Luke 16:19-30

All have sinned.

As it is Written:

  • “There is none righteous, no not one;
  • There is none who understands;
  • There is none who seeks after God.
  • They have all turned aside;
  • They have together become unprofitable;
  • There is none who does good, no not one.”
  • “Their throat is like an open tomb;
  • With their tongues they have practiced deceit”;
  • “The poison of asps is under their lips”;
  • “Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness.”
  • “Their feet are swift to shed blood;
  • Destruction and misery are in their ways;
  • And the way of peace they have not known.”
  • “Therefore no fear of God is before their eyes.”

Romans 3:10-18

My little sorrows are of little importance.

I read everyday what is going on in the Middle east. They are not going to agree until the end times (1st 3 1/2  years of the Great Tribulation). Here he comes it looks like anytime. No one knows when the end will be for sure but, all things are looking that way. The cabinet collapse in Lebanon. They, (the present government) is okay with the killing of people in Syria. Give Assad time to get in control while he still continues killing. Syria is voted out of the Arab league. The Arab league is sending 500 hundred observers to Syria. They haven’t seen enough already. Iran and others want to exterminate Israel, (God’s 1st Covenant Chosen People). It is all paving the way to the abomination of desolation. Matthew 24:15. The man of sin, the son of perdition, the lawless one, according to the working of satan, with power and signs, and lying wonders. 2 Thess 2:3. To make peace and then in the end to destroy all who believe he is God. That you worship him. Don’t be deceived Jesus Christ will return the same way he ascended to Heaven Acts:9

I pray for all nations, all Peoples. I have family in Lebanon left to their own desires of hate and no forgiveness. These people Jesus will destroy unless they are his chosen and repent. These are those who Jesus came to save. Matthew 5: 1-11 The Beatitudes. Luke 6:20-26.

Pray you are one of those chosen. You will know before the end. Through Jesus Christ we pray.

” Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

Oh, Lord take the meaness away, save his soul if it is your will.

The last few days again have been very trying. I don’t want to listen to it. I spend most time in my room. All the family was here for Dad’s eightieth Birthday. He didn’t even let us take a picture. Mom says just ignore what he says. It’s very hard. I can hear it wherever I am. My brother ( born-again Christian), sister (not) attended a Church together. It just so happens the sermon was on John 3 1-36 which I am also studying with a friend. It was very uplifting and the first time this gentleman preached. The original Pastor was out-of-town.

Before everyone came, we had another incident. Dad says very rude things as always. I said dad you are being mean to mom. He said I am being mean to him. I said she loves you so much. He said tell me something I don’t know. Next thing he said he is getting the #@&@** out of here. She asked him where he was going? All this time I am weeping in my room. I came out I was afraid he would leave. I grabbed him around the neck sobbing we love you so much daddy. I cried and cried. Well after a while he asked do you want to hear the good news. I already knew. His numbers went from 3600 down to 380. His doctor says that is good but, still there is no cure for pancreatic cancer. I know he is angry. That he doesn’t want to die. I know he is searching for what he doesn’t see. I know that God has to have predestined him and can only call him. I keep praying that is so. That is all we can do.

Oh, Lord God Almighty, I have no question, just prayers. Amen

We have no idea what the Lord has in store when we obey.

There was a situation and a certain person found $10 outside a store in the mall. It wasn’t much but, it did not belong to the person.

  1. First thought finder’s keepers. 
  2. No it has to get back to the one that lost it. 
  3. Words occurred because the person was not alone when the money was found. Person with finder said give it to me. The other person did not want the finder to turn the money in. It would never be returned to the person who lost it. Finder said I found it and am going to return it.  
  4. The finder asked the store what to do.
  5. Was told to give it to security.
  6. Gave it to security.
  7. Finder had to watch other accuse security that they would eventually pocket it or the mall would get it.
  8. Finder said it is none of our business what happens to it. The right thing was done. Security (Christian) had to defend his honesty.
  9. Daily walk arguments still occurring.
  10. Security guard approaches them.
  11. He says thank you for being so honest (Christian)
  12. Proceeds to tell what happened.
  13. A young disabled man had been in that store shopping dropping the money on the way in. When he went to buy lunch. He realized he had lost it. He was upset for he had no money for lunch or bus home.
  14. Contacts security, his money is returned.
  15. Lessons learned by person with the finder who returned the money to security. Not all people are honest but, some are. God takes care of what happens in a situation. We have to obey and let him do the rest.

This shows the Sovereignty and Glory of God the Father Almighty and those who obey him. Plus the Lord chooses what to show unbelievers. So possibly if he chooses they may see. Plus sinners always choose to sin first, so we are all sinners not worthy of his Grace. We are tested and always given a way out of the sin. I Love this True example of The Gift of Love.

I am just mentioning today is my 1 year ago return to the U.S. from Lebanon. What a big change my life through Christ has made.  I just pray someday my family will come back to me. If it is the Lord’s will. I have tried to fix it many times. His Spirit makes me realize it’s hands off time. Let me do the work. I am now a Hospice volunteer and also looking into a part-time position in the same field. I pray for all my family that they too will be called to the Lord. Especially for my dad who just finished radiation and chemo this week for pancreatic cancer. Of course, to all my brothers and sisters in the Lord, my prayers too.

Just had a conversation with my mom. She read Romans 8 28-39 out loud. I explained it to her. She says she is a Christian, and still does not know if she is going to heaven. She hopes so. I guess maybe she is just not chosen. Because she is close to seeing. Then she says all I want to talk about is the Lord. I told her that is what I am supposed to do, the Holy Spirit guides me. I am trying to pull others out of the fire for the Lord. She says the first religion is Catholic and the only one. I said what about the Jewish leaders who had Jesus crucified. That was a religion. I said the only true Word of God is the Bible. She said that is your opinion and left the room.

I read about the changes in the catholic church.

My mom, dad, brother and family are catholics. Most are not liking the changes but of course they don’t have a choice. I am talking about changing (And also with you) to (And also with your spirit) and (one in being with the Father) to (consubstantial with the Father). Next thing they will have to get new catholic bibles printed starting with Abraham because they are teaching that the beginning is a fairy tale. They need to make sure they delete all the references to Adam, Eve, Noah, the flood, Sodom & Gomorrah from the New Testament. Oh, and creation in the beginning. They will need lots of deleting. Remember they now say and I got this from two catholic priests. That we really don’t know what happened. It could be evolution involved. We just don’t know for sure. Well I know one thing myself.

In Revelation 22-18, 19  It says:

For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophesy of this book:  If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophesy, God shall take away his part in the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

I guess they haven’t read this far into the Bible. I tried to post my point on the Huffington Post today but, of course they didn’t print it. It’s strange no one wants to hear the truth. Oh, that’s right some are blinded because they like the darkness. They are good enough and have no sins to be repented of. Besides it’s just to hard to follow the Lord. You can’t even do that unless he lets you see. We all know because to foolish men the Word of the Lord is foolishness.

I am too, not worthy of your love for me. You died a horrible death for us, so we could be forgiven. You took all our sins upon yourself on the cross. Thank you Lord for choosing who you have Praise and Glory to you Almighty God and Father, Amen

Lord I pray for my mom, dad and brother and family. My mom says she is a catholic for life. All the rest too, a big surprise is at the Second Coming of Jesus the Messiah, The King Of Kings, God in triune. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.