Great Day, trials I did endure and persevered with the Lord!

I had fellowship today. I was so just needing to get out and do something. Even if it wasn’t the nicest day out. I have been feeling a bit of isolation again. The kind that is trying to keep me from being what the Lord wants me to be. Obstacles again, you can’t do this because of that. You are doing this for nothing. Oh, but I am not doing it for nothing. If you would only see. It is the Lord in control. I am just along for the ride. You see I will not stop his movement in my life. Why, I can’t. He called me, he is doing his work in me. For whenever he is ready for us we’ll meet him. People around us today don’t understand. It’s like getting a charity request in the mail. Some people will try to give a bit to as many as possible. Then there are those who gripe that someone gave their name to everyone. Just throw it away and stop complaining. No one has your arm twisted to give. Then there are Christians who can’t give enough. We just can’t stop wanting to spread the word and give the Lord’s help to all. It is not about ourselves. It is for him not us. If anyone can understand that we are all born sinners. That Christ died for the predestined sinners. Those who would and will repent their sins and realize that we can never earn anything. The offer is Grace to us from him his church (not a building those who believe and put their trust, lives, everything in him). He chooses to save who he wants to. From the beginning until the end. Those that he called, are sanctified and will be glorified when he returns at the Second Coming. Thank you for Grace Lord. Thank you for letting me see. I would never and can never be worthy. Only you the potter could say who is the clay for common use. You said we are the clay to be used for Honor of you. Worship and Glory to You Forever and ever. Amen Lord Jesus God Almighty