Bless, Bless, Bliss

God has me onward and upward this week. I am giving thanks always in the trials and his goodness to guide me. I feel when I go astray a bit of something happens to straighten me out. I said last week was pretty bad at the time. Now I am taking it in stride, not dwelling. It’s over lessons learned. Focus yourself not on things of this world. Focus on your gifts you have to share from the Lord. I am so joyful to be doing something so awesome. Just being myself and giving of myself, listening mostly. Maybe no answer will be needed from me but, I will be a comfort in his word if asked. Just give me the opportunity and nothing is out of the question. I wonder how anyone can walk around and not notice something different about a Christian. Maybe say to themselves, “I want what she’s got”. Little do they know it is such a big gift of mercy free to all us lowly sinners. I know my eternal destination. What could get any better? Oh yes, being there forever. I feel unbundled some today. I was worrying too much about doctrine I don’t agree with others about. We will never agree on everything that is my interpretation. The lesson in all is brothers and sisters in Christ have respect but correct incorrect doctrine if possible. I can’t agree with some because I have been revealed the truth and won’t try to let it be sugar-coated to make the Word Of The Lord better tasting. We are shown the truth in the Bible. It is clear. Jesus says so in Rev 1 1-3 in talking about the churches. I feel these churches are comparable to todays churches.  The Loveless Church, The Persecuted Church, The Compromising Church, The Corrupt Church, The Dead Church, and The Lukewarm Church. I don’t know if I am in the right church yet. Nothing is perfect except him. His Holy Spirit guides and protects us. What do we fear? The wrath upon the earth of those who never hear or see. We get over-earnest trying to pull those we can out of the fire. They think we are pushy, think we know it all. We don’t know it all but, what we do puts the fear of the Lord in us. We are doing what we are taught to do by his word and his spirit. He is in control because he called us. Yes, Lord I am ready to carry that cross forever. To die if I have to. The first death is not too much. The second death will be…………….He chose eternity for a few, just a few. Think about all the nations, people, only a few are going to heaven. This is not what I say. It’s his words in the Bible. Matthew 7 – 13-14. Oh, and he says so much more to those who he lets see and hear. To the foolish man it’s all foolishness. He can’t understand. This is a sad fact. Praise and Glory to You Almighty God, Creator of Everything From the Beginning Until The End of this earth as we know it and Then Eternally. MY Lord, My God Forever! Don’t take away or add to his word. Rev 22-18

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