Love is the Greatest Gift of all.

Because we are all evil unless born again and covered by Jesus’s blood on the cross. We do evil always. One sin uncovered is enough to send us to hades. I know I would go there without the Lord pulling me out. He granted me mercy once and for all. I know he is in my life everyday. I feel him at work changing me for his glory. If it wasn’t for his mercy no one would be saved.

This last week was pretty trying indeed. I asked my husband was there any reason for us to continue the pretense. I meant we both know there are oceans between us literally. After arguing about this and that. I told him I still love him and always will. He told me he loves no one from his past or present, just his kids. As often I have tried to explain to him that if he doesn’t forgive me or love me. Jesus won’t love him or forgive him in the end. I still love my whole family.

I am having words with every unbeliever. God said he did not come to make unbelievers and believers get along, not the exact words but, the gist of it. It is so true. My parents have been doing some searching but, still think their church is the first one ever. I know the Bible is the true and perfect word. The only way through Jesus to God. It just seems a fury happens when you say you have to be born again in spirit.

 What is so blinding, pride, riches, righteousness? God only reveals his word to whom he wishes. Those in the beatitudes. Matthew 5 1-10 read on. I don’t know why some and not others. We can only try because we don’t know when we find one with his help. I’m not giving up, ever.

I said my account was hacked, words with my mom and dad, end of my marriage except the paper… Then I have my brother meet a Christian friend and they end up in a physical fight. I don’t know what to think. My brother says apostate, unbeliever. I told my friend to stop trying to Lord it over my brother. I asked him to stop many times. My brother took off way ahead, we were on a bike ride. I had prayed and my friend also and others many weeks for my brother. He was having doubts about his faith. I admit I told my brother a few minutes before meeting my friend. Not quite intuitive on my part. What I wanted was someone to listen only. I did not say so to my friend. He knew the fragility of my brother though. Anyway it turned ugly quick. I promised my brother never to do it again. I am alarmed at my friend for what he did. So much I am having a visit with my pastor. Are we Christians not to show love first, understanding, genuine care? We should not try to Lord it over someone. I am guilty too. I get angry or frustrated sometimes but, I am learning to do better with the Lord’s help. I think getting physical shows immaturity as a Christian no matter how long you are one or claim to be one. Putting Christians together should work I thought. Wow what an eye opener.

Looking forward now again. Looking back does no good and tomorrow will take care of itself.

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