I can’t read the news or watch much T.V.

Everywhere you look disaster. People killing people. Rage, hate, war, threats of war, starvation, immoral living. Israel says if  Tel Aviv is attacked it will bomb Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians. All the horror in all those Middle East countries. There will never be peace until the Tribulation begins. After three and a half years it’s over. Only God knows when that will happen. So we must be prepared. I told my daughter and family in Lebanon they need to know Jesus. She said he is her Savior, yet she hates her mother and disowned her. Because her mother had a breakdown and was diagnosed bipolar 1 with P.T.S.D. Where is forgiveness? Did I asked to have these disorders. Others have diabetes, cancer, polycystic kidney disease (my husband), many in the family have it. Those diseases don’t hurt other people around you I’m told. I forgive their misunderstanding. I take the credit for the destruction of my marriage and family, but what does it matter? God can only make it right, if it’s his will. I pray everyday it is. I have no contact. Her fifteenth birthday is October 19th. I won’t send a card. I bought it though.  Where is the love I used to have? It’s not of this world it’s from the Lord above. Search till the end of time. There is no unconditional love except his. I know first hand, being broken, helpless, worthless and isolated. The Lord is not looking for the self-righteous people cruising through life with no attention to what’s going on. Not many are seeing  this totally evil and destructive world, immoral and disgusting, more and more everyday. He is adding to his church in the hearts of his believers (the elect) everyday. Once the church is full, his wrath is upon this earth. Woe to you that do not heed and turn to him. Woe to the foolish who can’t understand or search for God. You don’t need or want him. All of us are worthless sinners. One no better than another. The difference is repentance, forgiveness, new life in the Lord. A turning away from your old rotten self to be made anew in Lord Jesus. We are born depraved and that’s why Jesus died on the cross. He took all our punishment. Our free gift of grace. Blessed are the ones that never see. They just believe. We give our hearts fully everyday. We know he loves us and abides in us. If you don’t know that for sure you are not his. If you die now, tomorrow, or next week, whenever, where will you go?  Heaven or Hell? Jesus chose Heaven for us, a few that find that narrow gate. God Bless Us All, Amen. God bless the ones who never see or believe…

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