Great Day, trials I did endure and persevered with the Lord!

I had fellowship today. I was so just needing to get out and do something. Even if it wasn’t the nicest day out. I have been feeling a bit of isolation again. The kind that is trying to keep me from being what the Lord wants me to be. Obstacles again, you can’t do this because of that. You are doing this for nothing. Oh, but I am not doing it for nothing. If you would only see. It is the Lord in control. I am just along for the ride. You see I will not stop his movement in my life. Why, I can’t. He called me, he is doing his work in me. For whenever he is ready for us we’ll meet him. People around us today don’t understand. It’s like getting a charity request in the mail. Some people will try to give a bit to as many as possible. Then there are those who gripe that someone gave their name to everyone. Just throw it away and stop complaining. No one has your arm twisted to give. Then there are Christians who can’t give enough. We just can’t stop wanting to spread the word and give the Lord’s help to all. It is not about ourselves. It is for him not us. If anyone can understand that we are all born sinners. That Christ died for the predestined sinners. Those who would and will repent their sins and realize that we can never earn anything. The offer is Grace to us from him his church (not a building those who believe and put their trust, lives, everything in him). He chooses to save who he wants to. From the beginning until the end. Those that he called, are sanctified and will be glorified when he returns at the Second Coming. Thank you for Grace Lord. Thank you for letting me see. I would never and can never be worthy. Only you the potter could say who is the clay for common use. You said we are the clay to be used for Honor of you. Worship and Glory to You Forever and ever. Amen Lord Jesus God Almighty

Bless, Bless, Bliss

God has me onward and upward this week. I am giving thanks always in the trials and his goodness to guide me. I feel when I go astray a bit of something happens to straighten me out. I said last week was pretty bad at the time. Now I am taking it in stride, not dwelling. It’s over lessons learned. Focus yourself not on things of this world. Focus on your gifts you have to share from the Lord. I am so joyful to be doing something so awesome. Just being myself and giving of myself, listening mostly. Maybe no answer will be needed from me but, I will be a comfort in his word if asked. Just give me the opportunity and nothing is out of the question. I wonder how anyone can walk around and not notice something different about a Christian. Maybe say to themselves, “I want what she’s got”. Little do they know it is such a big gift of mercy free to all us lowly sinners. I know my eternal destination. What could get any better? Oh yes, being there forever. I feel unbundled some today. I was worrying too much about doctrine I don’t agree with others about. We will never agree on everything that is my interpretation. The lesson in all is brothers and sisters in Christ have respect but correct incorrect doctrine if possible. I can’t agree with some because I have been revealed the truth and won’t try to let it be sugar-coated to make the Word Of The Lord better tasting. We are shown the truth in the Bible. It is clear. Jesus says so in Rev 1 1-3 in talking about the churches. I feel these churches are comparable to todays churches.  The Loveless Church, The Persecuted Church, The Compromising Church, The Corrupt Church, The Dead Church, and The Lukewarm Church. I don’t know if I am in the right church yet. Nothing is perfect except him. His Holy Spirit guides and protects us. What do we fear? The wrath upon the earth of those who never hear or see. We get over-earnest trying to pull those we can out of the fire. They think we are pushy, think we know it all. We don’t know it all but, what we do puts the fear of the Lord in us. We are doing what we are taught to do by his word and his spirit. He is in control because he called us. Yes, Lord I am ready to carry that cross forever. To die if I have to. The first death is not too much. The second death will be…………….He chose eternity for a few, just a few. Think about all the nations, people, only a few are going to heaven. This is not what I say. It’s his words in the Bible. Matthew 7 – 13-14. Oh, and he says so much more to those who he lets see and hear. To the foolish man it’s all foolishness. He can’t understand. This is a sad fact. Praise and Glory to You Almighty God, Creator of Everything From the Beginning Until The End of this earth as we know it and Then Eternally. MY Lord, My God Forever! Don’t take away or add to his word. Rev 22-18

Love is the Greatest Gift of all.

Because we are all evil unless born again and covered by Jesus’s blood on the cross. We do evil always. One sin uncovered is enough to send us to hades. I know I would go there without the Lord pulling me out. He granted me mercy once and for all. I know he is in my life everyday. I feel him at work changing me for his glory. If it wasn’t for his mercy no one would be saved.

This last week was pretty trying indeed. I asked my husband was there any reason for us to continue the pretense. I meant we both know there are oceans between us literally. After arguing about this and that. I told him I still love him and always will. He told me he loves no one from his past or present, just his kids. As often I have tried to explain to him that if he doesn’t forgive me or love me. Jesus won’t love him or forgive him in the end. I still love my whole family.

I am having words with every unbeliever. God said he did not come to make unbelievers and believers get along, not the exact words but, the gist of it. It is so true. My parents have been doing some searching but, still think their church is the first one ever. I know the Bible is the true and perfect word. The only way through Jesus to God. It just seems a fury happens when you say you have to be born again in spirit.

 What is so blinding, pride, riches, righteousness? God only reveals his word to whom he wishes. Those in the beatitudes. Matthew 5 1-10 read on. I don’t know why some and not others. We can only try because we don’t know when we find one with his help. I’m not giving up, ever.

I said my account was hacked, words with my mom and dad, end of my marriage except the paper… Then I have my brother meet a Christian friend and they end up in a physical fight. I don’t know what to think. My brother says apostate, unbeliever. I told my friend to stop trying to Lord it over my brother. I asked him to stop many times. My brother took off way ahead, we were on a bike ride. I had prayed and my friend also and others many weeks for my brother. He was having doubts about his faith. I admit I told my brother a few minutes before meeting my friend. Not quite intuitive on my part. What I wanted was someone to listen only. I did not say so to my friend. He knew the fragility of my brother though. Anyway it turned ugly quick. I promised my brother never to do it again. I am alarmed at my friend for what he did. So much I am having a visit with my pastor. Are we Christians not to show love first, understanding, genuine care? We should not try to Lord it over someone. I am guilty too. I get angry or frustrated sometimes but, I am learning to do better with the Lord’s help. I think getting physical shows immaturity as a Christian no matter how long you are one or claim to be one. Putting Christians together should work I thought. Wow what an eye opener.

Looking forward now again. Looking back does no good and tomorrow will take care of itself.

I actually turned the other cheek and it feels wonderful.

I believe my husband hacked by hotmail account. Took it over I had to change my password four times. He changed the language to Arabic. He forwarded it to some other email. With the Lord’s help I got through fixing it. I wrote him and email saying it was fun figuring it out, inviting him to try again. I told him I love you and Jesus does too. I won’t go into all the details but what got him angry was. That I told him he is not sovereign over me or anyone else. That God is the only Sovereignty. You know every unbeliever rebels against that. They get angry when you invade their space with the truth they don’t want to realize because they are blinded and belong to satan’s world system. If you love this world you belong to him. If you love your life and won’t give it to the Lord you will lose it. John MacArthur says “Why are we so afraid of the Gospel”. It’s because it has God’s perfect truth, his words to live in his word. To the foolish man the Bible cannot ever make sense. They love living in the dark in their sins. I am joyous and other elect Christians are because we are in the light and hate the darkness and evil and sin. God has blessed us for no reason but, we follow him willingly. We are still sinners like everyone else. Our sins are forgiven because we know that Jesus took all of them away when he died on the cross. We are not perfect we still fight our fleshly or carnal desires but, we persevere in the Spirit and total love from the Lord Jesus Christ our King, God Almighty Father Forever.

The Greatest Gift

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging symbol. And though I have the gift of prophesy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing, read on. 1 Corinthians 13 1-13
Update I reported the hacker. Now I feel convicted. I repent.
Update my report of abuse on my account became a circle that brought me back to the beginning. So the Lord has that in control too. In other words I got no help from my hotmail provider. Just as well.
From My Sister in Christ
Because you are God’s child, Cheryl, Jesus holds you in His hand. Nothing can touch you, no one can look at you or speak to you without His permission, His knowledge. Every tear, every hurt, every tragedy, He has a purpose for. Tell Him exactly what is in your heart. Talk to Him like you would a therapist, go on and on, til you get it all out. Then ask Him to bring comfort and peace to your heart. He loves you more than you can imagine. He will heal and use your pain to bring Him glory. Look at the cross and you will know this is true. Out Jesus’ agony came our salvation, bad was turned to good.
                                         “…do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God.
                                                   I will strength you and help you; I will uphold you with my
                                                                righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

It could be today, tomorrow, next week, next year, whenever we don’t expect.

Are you ready? Is your life right with Lord? If he came today would you be ready? Or are you just going along in life with no worries about what will come? Born-again Christians are always ready. Jesus knows his sheep and they know him. Yes, it’s in the Bible. We are not afraid to leave here. We are waiting for the time to come, being always prepared. We study his word, follow his ways and try to win lost souls for him. I have to admit I don’t think I’ve done that yet. I won’t ever give up though. I am always trying. I always speak of the Lord when I get the chance. I ask usually if they read their Bible. It doesn’t go to far but, at least I have tried. I am here with my parents, always praying they will see. Mom is reading a bit still when she takes my dad to radiation and chemo. He is going to be around for his birthday, November 14, God willing. We have been getting along very well since I stopped preaching. It is hard to do. I see, I hear and they don’t even hear the awful things they say sometimes. Sometimes it’s the favorite saying  “Holy Hell” Yep, I said it. I don’t think hell will be Holy. Yesterday at Kmart, they had the skulls with cloth hanging, like a body. I said those look like bodies fit for hell. Over the head, of course I know and other Christians get it. We want and will have the glorified body for Heaven and serving the Lord eternally. We will be getting those because we are his. We are following his ways till the end, whenever the end comes. Thank you Lord for all you did to bring me a worthless sinner into the light. I did not in any way deserve it. We know you chose before creation your sheep. There is no reason for your choice. You just gave mercy to some and will not to others. We are no better than any other sinner, except we repented our sins and gave our souls to you. Jesus died on the cross for us to be forgiven. He took all our sins unto death.

All the signs are here, wars, rumors of wars. Israel threatened to bomb all of Lebanon, Syria, the Palestinians if Tel Aviv is attacked. Obama had given Israel bunker busters for bombing nuke sites in Iran. Just after the attempted killing plot of the Ambassador from Saudi Arabia it was announced. The Syrian Army is already inside Lebanon and no one really is giving answers about why. Are they gearing up for something more than in their own country? I would guess yes. The U.S. is falling apart and Europe. No jobs, no real good outlook in sight for anything. Food prices, gasoline, still companies are out-sourcing  jobs. I didn’t live in the Great Depression but, this is very bad in comparison I’m sure.

The world is showing signs and more signs. Say it’s been rumored before and before that. I still don’t care if it’s now or later. We won’t be caught following the evil one to hell. This world will pass away. Everyone, every nation will mourn when they see Jesus at his Second Coming. All will know that “He is Lord” who was, who is and who is to come. Revelation 1:4

Blessed is he who reads the words of this prophesy, and keeps those things which are written in it; for the time is near. Revelation 1:3.

Oh, Lord take the pain away.

Dad’s dying. His numbers are edging up. The chemo and radiation may help a bit. I pray for him to know you, and my mom and family before they go. I pray for my daughter fifteen Oct 19th and all the family in Lebanon. I have no contact. I pray for all that is going badly in this world of satan’s system. I want to wake up and be in heaven soon. I can bear the suffering, you did more for me. I just have to give it to you and let it go. It’s in my face though everyday. This life is so short and sometimes people will never get that you are the only way to eternal peace, joy, no pain and suffering. Prayers for all. Love and Glory to our Lord. He was, he is, he will always be a Sovereign God. Everyone pray unceasingly.

I can’t read the news or watch much T.V.

Everywhere you look disaster. People killing people. Rage, hate, war, threats of war, starvation, immoral living. Israel says if  Tel Aviv is attacked it will bomb Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians. All the horror in all those Middle East countries. There will never be peace until the Tribulation begins. After three and a half years it’s over. Only God knows when that will happen. So we must be prepared. I told my daughter and family in Lebanon they need to know Jesus. She said he is her Savior, yet she hates her mother and disowned her. Because her mother had a breakdown and was diagnosed bipolar 1 with P.T.S.D. Where is forgiveness? Did I asked to have these disorders. Others have diabetes, cancer, polycystic kidney disease (my husband), many in the family have it. Those diseases don’t hurt other people around you I’m told. I forgive their misunderstanding. I take the credit for the destruction of my marriage and family, but what does it matter? God can only make it right, if it’s his will. I pray everyday it is. I have no contact. Her fifteenth birthday is October 19th. I won’t send a card. I bought it though.  Where is the love I used to have? It’s not of this world it’s from the Lord above. Search till the end of time. There is no unconditional love except his. I know first hand, being broken, helpless, worthless and isolated. The Lord is not looking for the self-righteous people cruising through life with no attention to what’s going on. Not many are seeing  this totally evil and destructive world, immoral and disgusting, more and more everyday. He is adding to his church in the hearts of his believers (the elect) everyday. Once the church is full, his wrath is upon this earth. Woe to you that do not heed and turn to him. Woe to the foolish who can’t understand or search for God. You don’t need or want him. All of us are worthless sinners. One no better than another. The difference is repentance, forgiveness, new life in the Lord. A turning away from your old rotten self to be made anew in Lord Jesus. We are born depraved and that’s why Jesus died on the cross. He took all our punishment. Our free gift of grace. Blessed are the ones that never see. They just believe. We give our hearts fully everyday. We know he loves us and abides in us. If you don’t know that for sure you are not his. If you die now, tomorrow, or next week, whenever, where will you go?  Heaven or Hell? Jesus chose Heaven for us, a few that find that narrow gate. God Bless Us All, Amen. God bless the ones who never see or believe…


How many people do you know that go to the church of the Laodiceans? This church is called the lukewarm church. It relates to churches of today. You go to them and follow the service. It’s the same every week. They change the readings so, you don’t have the same one for three years. The people there think they know God through Jesus, but do they really? I have members of my family going there. Do they know Jesus personally no? They know of him. They believe in him. They (think) they are going to heaven. The priest even says, we think so but, we are not really sure. This was in speaking about the change in their views about the Bible. We aren’t sure if Genesis is true up to Abraham. There just might be some evolution in there. We are not sure it could be just a story. The whole word of God is true. He inspired the authors through the Holy Spirit. How could God the Creator make any mistakes? Do you think some big poof created this world or we came from a world of apes? This whole great big universe with everything in perfect order just came into being. Please all this deception to keep you thinking, I may just earn my way to heaven. The Lord in his word says no. It cannot be done. I am the only way to get to the Father. You have to be born again of the spirit. You must give up your life not to lose it. The Lord does this work on his own. John 3 1-21  No man can come to me except the Father calls him. Matthew 11-27  Behold, The Lord says “I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me”. These are unsaved self-named Christians. The church never wants you to read the Bible. They read a few tidbits to you each week and that’s enough. They want you to think that. God says to these churches, open your eyes, repent of your sins, you think you are rich and don’t need anything. Do you not know you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked? Because you are lukewarm, and neither cold or hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Revelations: 3 14-22

For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophesy of this book: If anyone one adds to these things, God will add to him all the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophesy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. Rev: 22 18-21 

The Holy Spirit guides me everyday. I talk to my mom and she just does not see. My dad doesn’t even want to discuss it or my brother and family. Only my sister a bit. My brother and I only see and hear. Mom says I think I have lived a good enough life to go to heaven. I asked why do you not want to know for sure? Why do you if you believe you are saved, not want to talk about God or about the Bible? Where’s joy and where are the fruits of salvation (the change inward and outward)?  It’s because God has blinded you. These things are foolishness to the unsaved. They can’t understand. They don’t seek God, so he lets them go their own way to destruction.

It’s very sad to watch. We have to keep trying no matter. Spread the word to all the nations. Don’t miss an opportunity to do so.