I found a church and a support group.

Last Sunday I was sitting here, listening to a sermon by John MacArthur. I looked up this church a friend had asked me to attend. I had checked before but, decided not to go yet. A few months back God convicted me on going to worship with unbelievers, so I stopped going to the catholic church. I had to go through a few things to get that done. So I guess I just needed a little more time to be freer to attend. I didn’t want to rock the boat all at once. My mom and dad are dedicated catholics. So after I read what the new church believes. I got ready in ten minutes and went. I felt very welcomed and joyous being there. They believe the whole Bible is true and the Word of God. The catholic church is not sure. Maybe Adam & Eve and Noah were story tales. They say the Bible begins with Abraham and possibly evolution happened too. They just aren’t sure. Well I am sure of the Bible 100%. I remember growing up believing those truths. So it was a complete wake up call. All these religions with their changes to adapt so people can enjoy going there. Good feeling religion without repentance and complete devotion to the Lord. All deceptions of the devil. There is no other way to get to heaven other than God calling you and justifying, sanctifying and glorifying you for His Purpose. Romans 8-28-30

When I came back here last year, I was in no shape to choose a church. So I went to theirs. God took it slow but, not to long after I was born again. I could not attend there anymore. I can’t thank God enough for the change he has made in me and my life. I went from dead (suicide July) to completely alive in the Lord. Nothing is to big for him and I trust him completely. He will never give us more than we can handle.

Also I found a good support group for depression, bipolar, etc. My friend and I went tonight. I also think going there once a month will be beneficial to my stability also. Well things surely have taken a turn for the good. My first time out was a terrible disaster, but God says keep going. What can I do I have no choice but, to listen and obey. Blessed be the Lord, Amen.

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