Death of our bodies eternally to Hades or eternity in Heaven?

The minute she came back from church I knew she was very grieved.  She said all she does is stand there and cry. Dad has his head down all the time. The end is getting nearer. He drove today and scraped the car against my sister’s going out the driveway. Mom says no more driving for him. I said what are you going to do if he insists? “I won’t go with you if you drive.” He is laying on the couch most days. No words to say. We are all around him again this weekend. I guess that can help. Two born again Christians among unbelievers. I hope and pray there will be more. It’s not my choice it’s yours and theirs.

As I said the body is dying. The spirit and soul can live on in Heaven forever. Once you die without Christ, it’s to late. Say an accident takes you tomorrow. You didn’t make a choice for Christ, you take the elevator down in the end. This is serious. If you are listening that means you have the eyes to read and choose. He can call you anytime. Or he can leave you to your doom. He knew before the beginning whose name is in the “Book of Life.” If your name is not there you will perish and be cast into the pit. The elderly man in a previous post, tells you to choose. He saw hell and said it’s awful, please you don’t want to go there. He made his choice by God’s will for heaven. Are you ignoring the call. What are you afraid of? It should be God and eternal punishment. Repent and grow in Christ. He is the only way to the Father. Any other is a false. If your church is not studying the Bible and showing the way. They are deceiving you. They are run by satan and his minions. You can think this is all untrue, but in the end, you will see all to late.