God is Leading Me!

I feel God is leading me back to getting a job. I want to work part-time and volunteer also part-time. I have already applied for both. He wants me to make a difference somewhere. So searching is needed. He will work out all the details. I applied for a Hospice Volunteer position. I will have also applied for two customer service positions. I have been in that field all my career, so naturally that’s where he wants me to search. I have been sitting here daily, either reading and studying my Bible. I take long trips on my bike. I say hello usually to everyone I meet. It’s the way of letting your light shine. I have only met one fellow Christian that way. I met Darlene who is nearing ninety, a beautiful lady with a bit of forgetfulness. She is a go-getter for not giving up until it’s time. She tells me she can’t just sit in her apartment. Most of the elderly there do. She goes out three or four times a day and sits by the river. She enjoys God’s beautiful gifts. I feel the love of  the Lord in her. She doesn’t get defensive at all. So I can be the personality God gave me, without persecution no problem. I had met a nice guy at the center I used to attend. I still stay in contact with him. He is also a born again Christian. The only thing that bothers me is he wants more from me. I told him, “I am a spirit and I don’t live in the flesh.”  Besides that I am still married and will stay that way. I just don’t want him sinning because of me. I can’t be anything more than a brethren in Christ, a sister. I have met a wonderful couple that God sent me. I am enjoying getting to know them. She is also introducing me to another disciple of Christ. So from November until now things have completely changed. Forget that my whole life changed when God gave that effectual call and I answered with totally yes. Yes you can tell a Christian from others. They have that wonderful glow, inside and out. My brother is also and great support for me. He is coming Friday night for the Labor Day weekend. Praise and Glory to the Lord for all your Support, Love and Perseverance, Amen Lord Jesus. I read two new books. ” Follow Me” and “Welcome to the Family” by John MacArthur. Both are excellent reads.

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