Be not of this world. Follow me or be lost eternally.

I have read some sites lately, saying we can’t understand the word of God ourselves. I can understand perfectly his perfect word. There are no mistakes in his prophet’s prophesies and what he says in the New Testament. His words inspired by the Holy Spirit through his apostles and disciples. I bow to him for including me in his Church. I was lost and now I am found.

I did reach the point of the brokenhearted, hopeless, worthless and complete realization of my life as a complete sinner. I truly believe that he does call you and you are predestined for it. No rhyme or reason. He just picked you to come to his senses. When you are born again, the Bible, his perfect word lights up. He speaks to you daily through it. You understand more and more. You are ready to leave this world always because you know you are prepared and waiting. You have to go on in it until that time. It is not easy being a disciple of Christ as he preached during his time on earth as a man. You must give everything to him and follow. Take up your Cross, his Cross. If you don’t you reject him. Then who are you making a choice for, the worldly domain of satan. It will all pass away. I may be dead in the ground one day in Christ. I will never be dead eternally. How about you?

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