Everyone was here for dad this weekend.

We all were here all four children. Mom and even my Aunt came by. We are all going through hard times with him. He doesn’t want to talk, be bothered, or asked how he feels. He is not eating well maybe 700-1000 calories a day. He’s worried about his glucose count. He went from 180-145lbs since Aug-Sept last year. He was diagnosed in March with pancreatic cancer. He goes to the doctor today, a requested emergency appointment. We all think he needs something for depression and irritability. We can’t share anything with him. Yes, he is dying but, we need closeness and want to help with him dying too. His pride of being independent and strong and self-righteous is in the way. He is leaving us with last days of much distance. Why would you want to punish your family. All we want is to give him loving care and support. His pride will not let him accept this. He shuns my mom the most. We just sat here most of the weekend with hardly any words for us. We all know the sting of death isn’t easy. He hasn’t accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. His eyes are blinded and may stay that way, only God knows. My brother and I have done our part to help by sharing the word, through the Lord in our souls. To him it’s preaching and unwanted. Maybe I’ll get that one last chance Lord willing, before he finally goes. For now I can’t say anything because, I’m preaching and he cannot understand. We are rejected by everyone, except my Aunt. Our views are not theirs, therefore have yours and we have our Catholic (apostate) views. You can’t earn your way to heaven into the presence of the Lord God Almighty. He called and predestined each elect before the world began. We are still called to do our best as disciples, which we will do. Only a few find the narrow gate. The rest the wide gate to destruction. Matthew 7:13-14

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