Praise to the Lord. I got an answer in an hour!

I went to pick up a book that I ordered last week. It’s called “Finishing Well to the Glory of God.” by John Dunlop, MD. I received an email last week from the Bible shop I go to about this book. When I went in they did not have it. I asked after if any one there could recommend a good Christian Church that relies on Bible truths for born again Christians. I received two to try. I bought the book for my dad in hopes he might read it. He is very sick and I don’t know if the time will allow. I hope so. My mom says she’ll give it to him if he feels better. That he can’t read while he feels so sick, nauseated and weak. Please Lord, give him the time. I pray earnestly in your name.

As I was leaving a man who was listening to my conversation caught up with me outside. His wife is bipolar like me. He thinks it would be good for me to attend Bible studies with her. She found out the same time as me about her diagnosis. Also he told me in his town that he knows of a Christian based therapy center on Tuesday at the courthouse. He said people come from all over to go there. He even heard about the center I went to. He heard the same things from others about how they treat Christians with persecution, not wanting us there. This wonderful Christian gentleman had only come there to work today or only when the owner needs him. Praise to the Lord. We’ll see where this goes.

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