I need to find true Christians to fellowship with.

My search starts next Sunday. I am not alone with the Lord on my side but, in my families I am. One believer in a house can’t stand against two who are not. I have to be silent and really have no support towards my work in the Lord. I am an avid reader of my Bible and listen to sermons also online.

I feel I have much knowledge the Lord has revealed to me so far. I know what will happen from here to end of the age. I know of all the Prophets killed in the Old Testament and the Apostles and believers in the New Testament for their beliefs in Jesus and their teachings. I finally realized that I could not separate myself from unbelievers. I was already confronted with going to the pagan church and stopped. Thank you Lord for that one. I am reading even more proof, more truth. You can’t join in any religious worship together with unbelievers and believers. It may ruin your beliefs, just like King Solomon and his desire for pagan woman. He brought them and their idols to Israel. God took away his power. There was never a true king after David and won’t be until Jesus Christ returns in the Second Coming. You can’t force unbelievers to see the error of their ways. I have been trying that with no avail and with much frustration, grief and anger at times. That is not Christlike. I am truly sorry Lord for what I did with that. I thought I had to cut myself from all unbelievers which is impossible. We are heading to the one world religion (The Mystery Babylon The Great) The (devil’s unnamed religion as of yet). The economic system ruled by the one and the same and his false prophet. They with make peace with Israel for 3 1/2 years and let them rebuild the temple and worship as before. After the 3 1/2 years, he will turn against them. He will perform miracles like fire from Heaven and dying from a wound and coming back more evil. He will give ten nations power to rule over the rest of the world. Then at the end he will have those whose names are not written in the book of life worship him and take the mark after he destroys the religion. The last religion will be to worship him and his abomination in the rebuilt temple. He will declare himself God. Already many plagues will have hit the earth and those unbelievers will still not repent. Then Jesus will come to destroy all evildoers. This is our time to believe without seeing so we don’t have to go through this. Take that walk now with the Lord. Read Revelations it is spelled out. Repent your sins and believe. He can give you peace if you are called. There are many prophesies in the Old Testament in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, etc. They all speak of the Lords second coming and the total destruction of this world as we know it. Don’t love this world, because if you do. You belong to satan. Don’t love your life, because you will lose it. Be not of this world but, spiritual without blemish in the end of it. After the tribulation Ezekiel’s Temple of the Millennium will be surviving live believers from the Battle of Armageddon. The church (The dead in Christ and believers during the period of Mystery, Grace) and Jesus reigning as King of Kings, Lord of Lords. They will be burying bodies for seven months to purify the land. After a thousand years the devil will be released for a little while to deceive who he can. Then the final judgement, the second death. The Eternal Kingdom with the Lamb and God, the Holy Spirit will follow after the judgement and casting into the eternal pit. There will be gnashing of teeth and pain in hell forever for unbelievers. Eternal joy, with no pain, sorrow, death, sickness an abundant afterlife for believers. Amen, Lord Jesus

3 thoughts on “I need to find true Christians to fellowship with.

  1. I’ve been reading your entries this evening and wondering…actually John and I are wondering, where you are getting your information about the end times?
    I read the post about John it was nice. Interesting he suggested we study the Bible together. Since we think a little different about the end times and minister in a church that is far from the Lord, you may not trust me, but think about it. Pray and ask the Lord. I am confident, He will tell you.

  2. Earlier this evening I was on the blueletterbible.org site. I reading its Four Views of Millennium under its Help/FAQs,Theological FAQs section. What stuck me was the thought that although there are ten verses in Revelation 20, which are widely disputed among Christians, we agree on 90 percent of the rest of the Bible. Our end time views are not what saves us. It is what we believe about Jesus that saves us! Halleluiah! Amen! So my conclusion was lets concentrate on the things we agree on and let go of rest. Loving the Lord and loving one another is what is important. “All men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” John 13:35
    Love to you my new Christian sister in Christ – Linda

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