I feel like Job without all the skin rotting.

My families are not physically dead but, otherwise to the spirit they are. Blame and more blame. I cried for hours about my daughter’s disowned words for me. Her dad told me I should not have responded to a 14 yr-old like an adult. I told him what’s left no daughter, no marriage. I preached a long list from the scriptures from Ezekiel about the coming Millennial Kingdom of Jesus on Earth. I told him I would see him in Israel at the judgement on the Mt. of Olives by Christ the King. That he could be a sheep or a goat on the left. He could read and find out what being a goat means. That he could choose now and avoid all that. I told him don’t respond if he has nothing good to say, he didn’t. What else can I say she doesn’t want to hear from me never ever again? How plain can it get. She doesn’t want to hear about Jesus and God. Says she is a Christian by words no fruit and I am not. God showed me the difference. God said he did not come to make peace. He came to make enemies of daughters with mothers, father’s with daughters in his name, etc. It did happen. I will have him in my soul forever over anyone else. Regardless of what is dealt me. I am doing his work and will continue. Even if it’s mostly on my blog. Or just being around as a thorn in the side of my dad and an example of change inside and outward in my actions. He is building me up with strength. I asked for perseverance and received it. I have no doubts of his love for me and mine for him. If I get the boils, cancer, rotting flesh, killed whatever, I won’t be budged, like Job who never faltered. The devil said he could make him turn on God. That shows he can never win as saints also have proven. He will bring me close to him and Heaven. Thank you Lord for choosing an unworthy sinner. Praise and Glory in your name Almighty God, Love Cheryl