The words on my daughter’s site are gone.

I hope this means God through Jesus opened her eyes. I have not received a nasty email from her and I blocked the tare. So he will have to use her email to send the evil message if she shows him this first. So maybe she heeded the message God sent through me. I pray that is true. My letter to her follows:

It is a beautiful lie and a perfect denial. You can’t even see you are headed the wrong way to the wide path. I hope God knocks you to the narrow. Because few here find it. This group worships the devil. Read all their lyrics and then you won’t want to listen anymore. Open your eyes to where they want to take you. You were bombarded with evil for hours. You celebrated it on facebook.
They are saying Christ is a beautiful lie a perfect denial. I believe in nothing, not satan or God lower case. Believing in nothing is a choice against God and Jesus. Christ is beautiful and perfect. God is responsible for your salvation if you are chosen. I pray that is true. I am not preaching, I am stating fact. You used to think of Jesus and wish to be his. See if it can be. If it is he will open your eyes. This is personal for you. Your dad can’t make any choices for you, only God. Your dad told me, Why do I care which hole the banana peel ends up in? I do and always have. I left because, my sickness made me leave. I had no choice. I had to get better. I could not do it there. Now I’m here. My dad is dying. If you don’t think that was God’s plan, I don’t know what is. My dad had this cancer when I came. It was diagnosed shortly after I got here. I then had no choice but, to stay here to take care of them. Just like your dad went to take care of his parents. I blame no one for what happened to me in my illness. I take total responsibility, in hopes some day you’ll see forgiveness is of God. As is Love, hope, charity, salvation, sanctification and glorification, all the goods things, not evil. 
Update:  I checked on lyrics for this song after that concert, completely changed now…A sneaky deception from satan. The concert was done with those words though. 9/7/11
God and Jesus Love you so much. If you don’t know that or he does not call you away from this, you will be lost forever. Everything in the Word Of God is true (The Bible). One third or more has already occurred. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened.
Read Matthew 24:1-51. If you are chosen your eyes will be opened. It’s in red in my Bible because it’s God’s words. Repent all your sins and your burden will be lifted. This world is passing away. Eternity with God will never. Neither will eternity in hell.
I love you very much but, not above God The Almighty. Through his Son Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. This is God’s last attempt through me to help you. No more will be said.
I hope someday you check this account.
Into God’s hands through Christ this was given. Thy will be done. Amen!

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