And So You Have It!

At the urging of my family and my case worker and therapist, I went to the meeting after all. I explained the situations that I had encountered. I was told I had no concrete evidence that I was the one anything was directed at. Because my name was never mentioned I can’t give proof. So you can go around talking about people’s beliefs and you can make them feel responsible without saying so for things that happen. We cannot read anything into it even if the person doesn’t answer you. You must be able to describe their face with anger. They must say to you personally something evil to prove you are their target. In other words I have a good imagination on vibes. How much did I need to take with this situation? God is love and kindness towards others. Treating people like you want to be treated. I will never treat any one that way. I am just befuddled about the answers. That all I have were feelings that these things were directed at me. By the way my brother,  says being stable includes spirituality, now he changed his mind to not always. The manager said it does not always. So we have to be okay if someone has other beliefs from ours. I didn’t go talking to someone else about this girl’s beliefs. I did not ignore a direct question because I was angry that a piece of equipment malfunctioned while someone else was using it. I guess I am wrong at reading innuendos. Then get this all of sudden, the manager can’t hire people without a year of stability. She just found out. The manager told me that the girl probably didn’t even know she had offended me. That she has a strong personality. I told her to forget I ever came here, she said she will handle it the way she wants. Okay then whatever she wants. I’m done, why oh why don’t I just go with my first instincts. It always costs me dearly. Dear Lord lift this burden, let me not think or dwell on it any more.