God says be charitable, love one another. Don’t worship money and gold and other material things!

Why do people do this, because they are of this world, of the system. All you have will be taken away. The U.S. dollar will be no more. Your money will be worthless. People are buying gold and silver. It may help for a little time but, not long. Investing in other countries doomed to fall too. Yes, we need money to get through and pay our bills and eat, take care of children and family, but he will take care of his people. All you poor, meek, mentally and physically challenged, you givers of love, hope, forgiveness and charity. You are who are God’s people. You know you are called to follow his Gospel and Jesus Christ. If you don’t see your life changing to be more like him you better look again. He gave his life for us, so our sins could be forgiven. No sinner is better than any other. We were born into this word with the sin of Adam. God gave his only Son to die for us and give us salvation, to cover our worldly sins. The least we can do is give back in other ways. Love our neighbors as ourselves. Follow his commandments and keep Holy his Sabbath Day. Ever praying and thinking of him, because he does that for you. Longing for this terrible world to disappear. It is just for a moment in time. So he gives you that nudge to do good and you follow. I will always follow. No one here in my family gets it. Only my one brother. I can’t tell you how much persecution I get for doing good for people.

Excuses upon excuses why I shouldn’t be. Everywhere I go people who are unbelievers get offended, to bad. One day they will see to late. I will not stop and no one but, God through Christ can control what I do for the rest of my time here. If I die I know where I will go. When the time comes for him to take his Church I know I am a Part of it. If you don’t know that for sure than you don’t know the Lord. If you are not reading his word and are not a child of God, maybe you can still be. It is his choice to grant your salvation. I would repent today and ask him to change your life. If you don’t the suffering will be more than you can imagine, worse than you could ever dream. It’s all written in his word from the beginning to the end. So when the time comes to worship the beast of abomination. The leader of ten nations that makes peace in the Middle East for three and a half years. Then you will be asked to worship him as God for the next three and a half years of horror. Think again, you will die and suffer eternally for he deceived you.

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