Live and learn then go on to the next challenge.

I said yesterday I won’t be a Peer Support Specialist now. I think God knows I would have done well if I had the chance. Many obstacles were in the way. Mostly unbelievers in him. I rubbed them the wrong way so to speak. I became unwanted because his works were visible through me. I didn’t have to try hard to friendly, loving and kind. It’s all built-in from the Lord. It grows everyday for you who understand. My love for others and any help I can give. It just happens and I won’t and he won’t let me control it.

So the meeting with manager is July 5th and I won’t be attending. It’s not in my nature to be a tattle tale. If you can’t see what is going on in your own office then you are not watching closely. It is really follow the leader also. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. You have rights if you have a mental disorder to treatment with dignity and respect. I was put into a situation I could easily say my rights were not kept private. The whole staff knew before me as I said my boss had put the kibosh on my training. I believe that should have been between her and I until we met privately. Or she should have called me personally to tell me she changed her mind and not make a fool of me. I am out of it. There are major problems going on there.

Anyway I met with my Christian brother today we had a great time. We went and bought tires for his bike and back brakes. We were three dollars short and the owner came out and fixed his front brake and put on the back ones. That man went beyond his duty to his customers. I felt he must be a Christian too, but sometimes I just don’t ask. We went to the gas station fixed the bike up with new tires. When my friend filled the back tire with air it blew. He was upset and I said, why we only had one whammy today. I will bring you a new tube the next time. I said don’t feel bad, I don’t. You see my friend has emphysema and I am trying to help him increase his lungs capacity. We’ll know next week, he is seeing his doctor. His doctor told him it was good for him to ride and walk. I met him at the Opportunity Center. We’ll be meeting a couple of times a week outside the center.