When will it End!

Today I have lots to say. I wanted to get a car but, I can’t have anything in my name or I lose my benefits. My mom did not want me to drive her car only to and from my job. I would have to wrestle with getting one of three vehicles to get to my appointments, two being huge vans. So my sister had called about a car that was available for a good price. Even as a gift a car in my name would be an asset. Finally my dad got very upset and said take the expletive car and use it. I am dying and don’t need this. You can’t have a car in your name because you’ll lose your benefits. So that is that. I can use it.

Next I am so seeing more signs for people to wake up. No word “God” was used in the Pledge of Allegiance at the U.S. Golf Open on NBC last weekend. Jews and Israelis banned on flights to Saudi Arabia, what’s next. I didn’t know they would even want to go there. No flights at all because of this and that ethnicity. We let all the Muslims fly here to bomb our Twin Towers. They are all here and staging all kinds of major attacks inside the U.S. This country is being taken down to bankruptcy. Money will be worth nothing. So gather your gold and silver. So you think that’s going to save you from your end. The wrath of the Lord is coming. You can choose now and be Raptured with his Church or stay here and suffer and die eternally. If you stay, oh woe to you what you will endure. If you read your Bible and your eyes were opened you would see all the abominations in this world. Repent and dedicate your life to Jesus Christ and let him truly lead your life. I hope you are one of his Elect.

Third I got a hinted message yesterday that they don’t like me hugging people at the Opportunity Center. These are friends I have made. I am sure it is because the other staff do not want anyone hugging them. It does say in the rules of the membership that hugs are acceptable if both persons are willing. I am a part-time Peer Support Specialist so I guess as staff for what under 10-20 hours a week eliminates me from the hug department. Probably because to all I am a Christian and they know it and are taking offense because God leads me with Love. Now what do I do walk around avoiding hugs, stiff hand my arm to people. Tell them I can’t hug them. This is really very wrong. You are in a place to feel better yourself and others want to feel better too. It’s supposed to be a family type environment. I feel I will have to leave. I do not take easily being persecuted because of my bipolar, PTSD and tender heart.

Three earthquakes the last three days in the ring of fire. Alaska 7.2, Chili 7.2, Aleutian Islands 7.4. the bigger one is coming. the writing is on the wall and in this earth.

I uninstalled Aim yesterday. There is no reason to keep it. I was playing a game of you don’t see me on (my husband) and I did write something. He was on and never answered anyway. All because I told him how to become a Christian and for him to tell the kids.
There was never much contact anyway. They can email me if there is ever a need. I am stopping this blog for a while and concentrating on my new life in the Lord. Hardly anyone reads it anyway.

God through Jesus give me my answers. I can’t deal on my own. Love to all who read and understand. Even those who don’t.

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