And I thought I had it Bad, not so.

I have met so many people recently that all have their stories to tell me. My heart just wants to break for them. People that can’t work, can’t get social security disability when they deserve it. You have to hire a lawyer to get it because they turn you down automatically.

I was turned down. I couldn’t get my records for hospitalizations in Lebanon. I wrote, the DHS wrote, no one sent anything. Three psychiatrists, one therapist, three hospitals. Lebanon, America has helped you so much. I could not get help back. So no proof I’m bipolar and have PTSD. So I said before I started to get stabilized forget it. I don’t need it, it’s too much trouble, hours of paperwork, as sick as I was. I have a roof over my head and help from family and I can get a small job. If I make too much they will take my Medicaid. If I work a full-time job, which my doctors say I can’t do. I’ll have no mental health insurance to cover my psychiatrist and therapist and case worker. They might cover 30% and I’d have to pay the rest. Or I could work and buy my own insurance for $140 a month and it would not cover mental illness. Not to mention I take four prescriptions. There are rules there too.

Mental illness, mental disorders, and many disabilities are not all curable. I know many who do not have anything. These are the people we need to help and pray for. Everyone of them has a mental condition or some disability that they can’t work. Yes we know there are some that get it that shouldn’t and we can’t control that. I asked this one guy I have been talking to lately where he lives. He told me under the bridge. I could not believe it. I was so hurt for him. I felt his pain. He said his body is worn out from working hard his whole life. Things befell him that do to us all, but when your family turns on you, what could be worse. Those are the times when I wish God would call people to him. It’s not my choice, it’s his. I can truly say the people who I have met at the center are like my family. These are special people all of them. Yes, we all made mistakes in life, yes we are all sinners, one no better than the other. I also pray for all the men and women of our armed services. Giving their lives and health for their country. Because when they come home most will need mental health services for depression, PTSD. Poor their families losing the man or women that used to be, or years of help to get them back. The permanently disabled, maimed for life.  Oh, for some comfort, Oh for some love, Oh for forgiveness and worthiness. You are because you are, Dear Lord. Amen. Do you see the end coming. I do, I’m waiting. Nothing looks good here, just sorrow and suffering. All to make you see you need God to run your life or you’ll truly go to the devil in this world and beyond. If you love this world and your treasures, you are his. Can you take them with you? NO! These are your idols.