Jesus is Lord and I am not ashamed to say it.

I was just reading comments about Baptists losing members in the church. I can say I don’t know anything about that church. My point is that there are so many unbelievers on those comments it is unreal. One guy said the Christians posts are 1 in 25, so true. I am glad I have my own blog to give Glory to God. I would be dead without him. He saved me from suicide and changed my life completely, because he chose me to repent and give up doing nothing on my own. His blessings have come to me one after the other. I trust in him for everything. If I fall he’s there to pick me up, which we all do because we are still sinners. He is molding me to become more like him. I love people and want to help people in need. I pray for people. I don’t want people to not make it to Heaven, but it’s not my choice, it’s his and theirs to hear the call. I am right where he wants me to be, being a peer for others like me. Praise to God through Jesus Christ our Savior, Amen.