My Daughter talked to me!

I tried again today. Just asking politely if she wanted to talk. His answer was she is studying for her finals. I said you mean she can’t take a few minutes to speak to me? Next thing you know she was there online. We talked for ten minutes or so. I asked about her school. She said she’s doing good. I asked if any of her friends were leaving Lebanon. She said yes, three. I wanted to say “You want to leave too,” but I didn’t. She will ask if she gets to that point. I don’t know if he will let her but, she’ll drive him crazy if she wants to leave. I told her I loved her, she didn’t say it back.

I told him “Thanks and I Love You” to tell everyone hello from me. He said fine. I say the Lord Blessed me and answered my prayers. Thank you so much.

Next week I get my first clients as a Peer Support Specialist. Lots to do and learn and with God beside me I can do anything. We have several later trainings in June and July. I am also looking forward to tomorrow. Here we go tigers, here we go. It’s our makeup game from the rain out last month. No rain in the forecast 72 degrees, nice.

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