I had a bad dream and it didn’t come true.

It was about my daughter. It scared me. So I was on AIM and her dad was invisible so I just typed a letter to see if he was there. He was so I asked, no answer. When I looked later he said she was okay. I don’t know about me and dreams but, that one time about my friend Lisa it came true. So this time I didn’t wait to make sure.

I went for training today. The manager said for me to stop worrying they won’t let me lose my Medicaid. I don’t care about anything else but that. I can’t be without doctors, or meds with my condition. Still trusting God, he knows what he’s doing. I am really excited about making a difference in people’s lives. I look forward to sharing what helped me to become stable. I have to keep clients in mind because that’s what I’ll be there for. To help move them along to their stability and whatever they want to accomplish, get a job, etc. I am sure it won’t be easy but, sometimes just being a good listener is so important. God helped me out of the worst situation in my life. I finally said that’s it you take over. I messed up my whole life. I said I always knew he was there. He didn’t really call me until after I got here. Yes, there were times in my life, when I went to Bible studies and they said, just say Jesus is your Savior and you are saved. Nope, that’s not it. You have to be called by him, you have to be justified and then sanctified. He does it you can’t. He knows from the beginning of this world if you would be with him or not. Thank you God, through Lord Jesus for choosing me. I am no longer in charge of my life you are. How blessed can I get? Don’t get me wrong he still has work to do and I read my Bible everyday for inspiration. I also listen to sermons by my favorites. Everyday is a church day not just Sundays. He leads you away from sinning, to make you become more like him. We still are all sinners though. It’s just that he died for us and covered ours. Amen!