Everything depends on the training!

I feel very confident I will do fine in my new position. There is a lot to learn, of course. I am a very willing participant. I’m trusting God to see me through. If it’s not for me that’s okay too. We have lots of training ahead. I will give it my all and it will add to my motivations to stay stable also and keep with my appointments with therapy, etc. You never stop working on yourself. You have to help people and use what you have learned and keep with the to road to stay stable. I will be helping with many aspects. So I am up for the challenge. 

My son is having much trouble possibly a break up of his marriage. I hope that does not happen. They have two children. I don’t believe the issues can’t be worked out. I told my son to trust in God and let him take his burdens. He needs to spend more time with his children and read his Bible for guidance. He says he is. I hope all the prayers in the world reach him and his family and things work out. I know from experience how marriages are destroyed.

No word from my stepson, or daughter. Did I expect it, nope. I can hope in the Lord can’t I? There is nothing for me to do to fix it. I know that and life here goes on. My blessings came in other ways for now and I accept that. Whatever is meant for me I hold tight to. Thanks be to God, through Jesus.

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