Success, I got the job.

I put in a resume and cover letter about a month ago. I will start this Thursday as a Peer Support Specialist. I will be helping people with mental disorders, such as my own. I will be trained to find them shelter, food, etc. I know eventually I will go for week-long training. I am not sure of everything yet but, I am truly blessed. I prayed to God everyday if this is where he wants me I will go. I think it will be of help to me also because other people are living harder lives with these disorders than me. After all I’ve been through my whole life, I can use it as my strengths. Loving and caring for other people is easy for me. I don’t try to judge anyone. I just care to help where I can. I feel very impressed with how soon they are diagnosing some of these disorders now. As I said my diagnosis came at 52, bipolar 1 with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Even though I have family things going on, I feel I can be strong. It will definitely take my mind off my daughter and my dad so much. I just hope someday before time runs out she will understand. Thank you God for this big opportunity to let my light shine. In Jesus’s name I pray.