Back to normal, I guess.

Well, everyone decided to go home early today. I think it was okay with everyone. The house here is not so big anyway. It was noisy and a bit frustrating. I took a ride with my brother today on a nice bike path. I did buy a new bike this weekend. So I can ride or walk with my mom. I can even ride to Opportunity Center if I want. It is starting to get hot though.

When we got back dad was mowing the lawn. I ask him if I could help? He said “I want to do it.” I asked mom if I should go ask him again ? She said “Leave him alone let him do it”. So later we were inside sitting and he says “When I came in to eat the lawn mower wasn’t going”. I think he wanted my brother to offer to cut it. We can’t be mind readers. I love my dad but, he is frustrating me. So now he said “He wants to cut it Mondays and Fridays”. Okay I’m good with that. I can do the whole thing if he wasn’t so stubborn and I don’t mind one bit. I wish he would just let me. I don’t want him wearing himself out like this. He can ride but, no more push mowing. We agreed, we’ll see how long that lasts. I guess he wants to be invincible and I can understand that in his situation. I don’t want him just sitting there waiting to go. If that is the case. I said before we don’t know for sure if it’s pancreatic cancer or what. It could be the last stint in his liver is working right because he says he has no pain. I pray that’s true. He still is almost eighty and needs to slow it down a notch or two.

I don’t want to lose him ever but, we know that can’t happen. Lord whatever happens, please if you can don’t let it be painful. Please get him to accept the Holy Spirit. It’s your choice to show him the light. I hope and pray for him daily. In Jesus’s name. For all my family, and all the non-committed to your word and you leading their lives.

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