A pretty normal Friday

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday. She moved my appointments out three months. That is great, because I’m doing well. The sad news is my brother said she is leaving. So unto the new one next time, I’m sure. Still waiting to hear about the job position I applied for. I want an answer there before I go somewhere else. I feel ready for a job, even more so. I am happy and stable so no change in meds, just keeping them the same. She said I lost another two pounds, was it anything to worry over? I said, no I just don’t eat as much as I used to. I was 180 pounds now 120 pounds, so I am very happy with that. I get compliments and it keeps me up and focused on not regaining the weight. The way I lost it not so great (Invega) but, I came through it. I went all week to the Opportunity Center again and helped out. Today I did all the dishes. Big job, well done I would say. I’m not bragging, just saying I can do much more than in November. I am driving, taking care of myself, taking my meds and not forgetting. I realize that there are lots of people at the center and all over that have worse issues, than me. So that gives me strength, besides my strong faith in God. I just want to help people and do what I can whenever I feel the little nudge by God. Everyday I get more ideas of ways to help from him. I just go with the flow and stay centered on him and my Bible. Thank you in Jesus’s name.