Tigers Game Rained out.

Oh well, it looked good for a while. We went and it rained a lot on the way down. It didn’t look bad when we got there but, started raining. I wanted to stay but, one of the staff connected to the weather channel and the rain was coming and worse. They covered the field and we decided to leave by votes. We stopped at an outlet mall on the way back. One of the members and I talked and had coffee the whole time. I should not have drunk caffeine. I was wound up tight for hours. We still have a chance to go again because the rain delay became a rain out. We will see. So three innings and it was over, but the day still was fun with friends.

Yeah Tigers Baseball

Yes, so far we are going. The weather looks bad rain coming. I hoping it’s light in the afternoon and doesn’t rain hard until tonight. Just our luck nice outing chance of rain. Whatever I will enjoy myself. I’ll write later how it turned out.

Lord protect on our trip. Amen.