Much Better Today!

I got up early and went to the opportunity center. Did a lot things. I helped with making cards, dishes, and mopping the kitchen. We went for a walk and talked three of us. One staff member and three members. One guy likes to be alone at lot, so he walked by himself. I didn’t cry today. I felt better all around. Just having people around who care and share the same type of troubles and disorders helps.

I came home and the lawn was done. So what can I do. He did it himself. I guess mom helped. They just came in before I got here. They had a beer outside after the work. I said why didn’t you call me. I would have come home. She said never mind it’s all right. I still think dad shouldn’t be doing all this stuff, but no one can tell him what to do, case closed. Far be it from me to know what he can and cannot do. All I can do is love them both and I do.

I have still no word yet on the position I applied for. I hope something is said soon. Maybe I won’t get it. I don’t know. I cried and had to leave yesterday. I hope they don’t hold it against me, it was just a bad day. I should have not gone. Everyone is so helpful and sympathetic. We share our stories and woes. I have had a lot but, mostly it’s about dad and my daughter. I can’t open the can about her, it will have to be dealt with by God. All it gives me is a heartache. I give myself to much on my own sometimes. Instead I need to concentrate on the big picture, life after this world. I am always ready, lead me there, never forsake me, all my heart is yours, Lord Jesus.

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