It’s a sad, sad situation.

My husband wrote back to me after I asked him: Will my daughter ever want to talk to me again? He said not now maybe later. She has a type “A” personality and no one can tell her what to do. That’s funny, because he had no problem ever doing that. I told him to tell her maybe I’ll be dead by then of cancer or heart disease. I told him God will not forgive her if she does not forgive others. She has had people hurt her more than I did and they aren’t bipolar. I couldn’t stay there, I would have died. The way they treated me showed they really didn’t want to deal with me. Now I am the one to feel all the pain and hurt. Why do I keep doing this to myself. I am trying to force something again on my own that may never happen. It’s just the hurt like my child is gone. The one I took care of until 14. The one I did for, gave into, loved and cherished. Then bipolar happened and all that is over forever. I found someone else to love and take care of if she wants. She is 18 and her parents kicked her out on her birthday. She is bipolar among other disorders and now recovering well. If only our families would read about our illnesses and understand and help us through the rough times. I have more help from my friends at the opportunity center then my own family over there. Such is life. Lord lead me through another day without you I could not go on….

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