Happy Anniversary!

Happy 57th Anniversary to my mom and dad. Mom cried yesterday in church and hid it as best she could. They announced their Anniversary. I know what she was thinking. This could be the last one they celebrate. It’s very hard. Especially since he seems to put her down all the time. Yesterday he told her she was obnoxious. Also she was cutting up boxes for recycling and he said watch the cement or you will dull the knife. She’s cut these up many times before no problem with the knife. Why, why, why can’t you show love to your wife and family until the end. These should be peaceful times. Treating each other with love and kindness. Who am I kidding, not going to happen. I pray God gets a hold of his soul, and he commits himself to him before it’s to late. I am not the judge but, I know what he’s done for me. Open his eyes and hers and their hearts. I let him lead, I follow.

Last week after our little stint I said I am staying out of it. If he calls me stupid or a dribbler, or trivial I will just say, you are right. I have to change that. I am not getting into anymore arguments with him. It’s just not worth it. He is so smart, he knows it all, but I love him. I can always go in my room and vent here a bit.

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