Another good day but, I’m home now, lol

No I think I will be watchful of myself and dad. He just knows a lot and can’t help the way he is. Just like I can’t help bipolar anxiety, frustration, etc. I need strength Lord to keep the pie hole closed. Even if it hurts. Instead of getting angry, I will say something nice. I spent four hours at the activity center, it’s my kinda place, acceptance and love abounds. I am going to the Detroit Tigers game on May 25 with a group from there. I am so excited. I haven’t seen the tigers play since I was kid at the old stadium. Cool blessings for $5. Thanks, Lord. I believe I need some fun. Who cares who wins. I wouldn’t be unhappy if they did though.

One thought on “Another good day but, I’m home now, lol

  1. Congrats on getting to go the the game!!! I hope it turns out great and fun for you! Its always funner to go to the sporting events live than to watch on tv I think. Only a few more days away and you will be on your way yay!!! Let me know how it goes and who wins!!! I hope you have a blast!!! 🙂

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