Again with making me feel stupid

I got hurt again yesterday by dad. He said to a comment I made he doesn’t like to talk about dribble. He said he heard years ago what I told him. I said well then why didn’t you just tell me the first time I said it. We had words again us bipolars feel attacked. I have got to help it with him. Mom and my brother went outside, he had come to have cheesecake and bring a BD card. He said dad’s always been like that. He’s probably bipolar too. What he said to me was uncalled for. So again I will try to not get upset. He said he wasn’t going to say anything to me. I apologized to him when he was in bed. I told him it’s just part of my bipolar, he doesn’t understand either at times. Anyway it’s very dumb of me to get angry. He is not long in this world. I wish I could just blow it off. It’s hard though when you are in the moment.

One thought on “Again with making me feel stupid

  1. I’m sorry you felt attacked and hurt. 😦 It makes me feel bad when I know other BP’s get their feelings hurt. But sounds like you handled yourself well, or the best way you thought to, and that is good of you. 🙂 Happy Birthday again!

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