Another good day but, I’m home now, lol

No I think I will be watchful of myself and dad. He just knows a lot and can’t help the way he is. Just like I can’t help bipolar anxiety, frustration, etc. I need strength Lord to keep the pie hole closed. Even if it hurts. Instead of getting angry, I will say something nice. I spent four hours at the activity center, it’s my kinda place, acceptance and love abounds. I am going to the Detroit Tigers game on May 25 with a group from there. I am so excited. I haven’t seen the tigers play since I was kid at the old stadium. Cool blessings for $5. Thanks, Lord. I believe I need some fun. Who cares who wins. I wouldn’t be unhappy if they did though.

Again with making me feel stupid

I got hurt again yesterday by dad. He said to a comment I made he doesn’t like to talk about dribble. He said he heard years ago what I told him. I said well then why didn’t you just tell me the first time I said it. We had words again us bipolars feel attacked. I have got to help it with him. Mom and my brother went outside, he had come to have cheesecake and bring a BD card. He said dad’s always been like that. He’s probably bipolar too. What he said to me was uncalled for. So again I will try to not get upset. He said he wasn’t going to say anything to me. I apologized to him when he was in bed. I told him it’s just part of my bipolar, he doesn’t understand either at times. Anyway it’s very dumb of me to get angry. He is not long in this world. I wish I could just blow it off. It’s hard though when you are in the moment.