Happy Birthday to Me!

I sent a card to my husband saying Happy Birthday from my daughter and stepson for me. I know they won’t send one so I did it myself. I had a good few hours at the activity center. They gave me a nice card. Lots of people signed it. It made me feel good. I have only been going about three weeks and they except me for who I am with bipolar1. Sad to say it would be a dream come true if my family in Lebanon had accepted that. Oh well, they think it’s something you can get rid of. They did not support me in even questioning my meds. Why they weren’t working well. I was back here and on the first try I was good to go. I still have my moments and would if they were still mentally abusing me. So what can I say. I’m better off. They are to, out of sight out of mind. No forgiveness for being sick and doing or saying things you can’t always control. Especially when they are doing all the things you shouldn’t do to a bipolar person. Live and learn, to sad they didn’t want to learn.

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