Disasters Everywhere!

I know everyone is concerned. We all are. Terrible things are happening in this world, one after the other. All the natural disasters out of control. Many wars and rumors of wars. What can we do, live our lives through Christ and repent of our sins. Maybe the last days are coming, no one knows. Jesus will come like a thief in the night so you must be always ready. For all Christians this is a time of devotion to the Lord and standing resolute in our beliefs as we have done since we dedicated ourselves. I hope if you don’t turn your life over to him and become a child of God that you realize that no choice is a choice for evil. I myself fear God and his wrath against this world. So, I have made my choice long ago. At times I went away but, he brought back his lost sheep. I am a sinner as everyone. He chose to let the light of the Holy Spirit grow inside me. Every sinner has this choice let the light grow or let it die. Which sinner are you? One that wants eternal life or one that will be not heard in the end and thrown in the pit with satan forever.

It’s not to late yet but, someday when we least expect, he will come. The Lord’s love to all who believe and hope and prayers that many will believe still. Prayers for you that never will.

I am not saying anyone is perfect, I am one that made a mess of my life trying to live it without the Lord. I finally gave up on me and devoted myself to living in the Spirit. Read your Bible daily and pray daily. You will grow in the Spirit and knowledge because he is guiding you. All you have to do is ask. Repent and live through him and you will feel the peace and love and forgiveness. It still won’t be a picnic here. What’s better. Heaven or Hell?

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