Church and my choice.

I was going to go to a different church because of my beliefs and my mom became extremely upset. My dad didn’t like it either but, was willing to say do what you want. I thought it over and decided not to change. Mom said my life was always such a mess and she is worried I would get involved with someone again, (not). Another thing she said is she’s not putting up with the thought of me drinking again, (not). I was going to go to a Christian based church not a bar. Anyway I am keeping the peace and not changing from the Catholic Church.

Another rain when it pours. My daughter deleted everything I sent her, just forwards of nice things. I was not writing any comments. So I can’t help it. I deleted all of them from my contacts and blocked them. It is just to painful. I told her dad via email if she ever wants to find me she can use my mother’s email address if she’s still alive then. I told him her grandpa has possibly 1 1/2 years left. Who knows for sure? I am now thinking of going ahead with the divorce. What if he wants to marry again, let him.

I had my interview Thursday it went well. I believe I may be offered the position. If I can’t be in my family’s life, I will be in others. Maybe it’s not Christian deleting them but for now it’s not revenge or no forgiveness. It’s just what I need for my growth in the Lord to go on.

Yesterday my son and I talked online a good while. So I won’t be going there and will let God take care of that one too. He wants a relationship with me and I with him. So even if he gets ugly at times, I know he’s not well and I will just disregard it and say I love him anyway. It works both ways. He wants me in his life. I will always be there. Even for her if she writes my mom. Maybe later on if mom is gone, I will unblock her from my accounts. She has never sent me an email since November 2010 anyway.  The last contact was hateful in January on Aim, very ugly. Praise the Lord God, keep me healthy and strong to go on with what you want me to do. Amen

Update the same night I undeleted all of them. I am such a forgiving person, just can’t stay upset about it all very long. Doesn’t do me any good anyway.

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