It’s raining and it’s really pouring

Just when you think, yeah things are looking up in one direction, poof there’s another one. I have sort of put my daughter out of mind because now I have to concentrate on my son. My dad is okay for now. He is living his life the way he wants and we are just here for him, as we should be.

Now to my son. We need to do an intervention. He is either bipolar, depressed with post traumatic stress, anxiety or has border-line personality disorder. Your guess is as good as mine. He lives far away in Colorado with his kids and girlfriend. He lives a life of secrecy and isolation. He was hurt recently by a guy who sucker punched him in his eyes and his sight has not restored. Meanwhile he has been denied workman’s compensation and has a new lawyer. Also he had back surgery and the company is trying to prove he is not injured. They have even gone as far as flattening his tires to get him to drop the suit or settle. We think he may be injured for life, especially his eyesight. His father and I are exes but, are willing to do whatever it takes to get him help. I sent and he sent money. Which he has always tried to make a never ending flow, even before this injury.

Another problem is the girlfriend who has kept him from his family and incites him to this secrecy thing. I guess her mom was in her biz because now she wants no one in theirs, except when money is needed. I sent him two sites there where he can get help. One even has a walk-in center for assistance. I have tried everything I can and without results. I am about to go down there have the police track them down and commit him. He talks suicide all the time. His dad says he does that all the time to get money. So real or not real we are certainly afraid to not be concerned. It is an isolation situation that this girl has developed around him. Believe me I know what that can be like when someone is controlling you when you are ill. I do and don’t know what to do from here. I feel better to have written it down. I did talk to someone today with the later condition (border-line personality disorder). She also worked in the same area he lives and says there are many places to get help. It’s just getting him to realize it from here. Yesterday he never wants to hear from me again, today he loves me and wants a relationship. His dad is no longer wanted because he played both sides of the fence says my son. This is confusing to a bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder person. It gives a lot of anxiety to both his dad and I. I think I’m dealing though. GRRR. Lord God, Jesus I need your help again.

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