Pretty Good Day

I went to see my case worker. We spoke about everything going on. The no Mother’s Day card from my daughter. I told her I applied for the Peer Support position. She says I would be good at it. The manager was off until Tuesday, so I hope I get an interview this week. I hope it works out. I feel it’s where God wants me right now.

I helped dad do the lawn again. He is a no giver-upper. Mom and I decided we can’t control what he wants to do. We are just worried he will advance his illness by working to hard. What can we do but, pray for him. His attitude is pretty great. I am sure he is making his peace. I showed him yesterday in the Bible where Adam and Noah are mentioned after Genesis. If you remember or maybe you haven’t heard the Catholic Church is teaching that Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark are just story tales in Bible studies. My dad’s reaction to what I showed him was that either all the Bible is true or not any of it is true. If you are interested it’s in Chronicles 1:1 or Luke 3: 36-38. Where did I find this in the Catholic Bible. Why would they ever mention the names Adam and Noah again. If they were story tales. You decide.

I did a not so good thing yesterday. My husband appears invisible online on AIM. He has me blocked when he’s offline.  I know when he’s online when the messages go through. I wished myself a Happy Mother’s Day from my daughter. A little bit of a dig but, God forgive me.

I got through the day, pretty well!

Guess what, this morning I opened my mail and my son sent me a Happy Mother’s Day from him and his family. How great was that. A little late but, what does that matter. I read my Bible a lot yesterday. I tried to crochet a bit, not very long. I decided to go for a walk and listen to music to uplift my spirits. I didn’t take my phone on accident. So mom and dad became worried and called my Aunt. She came and found me. We went to her house and I helped her in the yard. She helped me feel better. When we got back to the house, my dad joked “I thought you were raptured”, don’t I wish. My Aunt stayed a good while visiting, so all was good.