Tomorrow’s a Day Away

I have to say thanks to all my family for their support of me. If it wasn’t for them, I do believe I would have possibly done myself in. My brother, who is a Director at a Behavior Health Center, actually helped save my life and his wife also. I got into the crisis center here immediately the day after I arrived back to the U.S. I said before I told my mom I need help now. I got it and I thank God.

Having these disorders, bipolar 1 and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can ruin your life, if you let them. I say never ever give up. If your meds are not working try something else. Never, never stop taking your meds. You will only get worse and be harder to treat. What worked before may not again. So you have to start from scratch again. Don’t do it to yourself. I never have or will. My brother and sister-in-law say if you keep going off your meds pretty soon nothing may work. I am living proof you can control these disorders. It is not easy, you must have the go for broke attitude. I will get this under control. You have to talk with someone, a therapist, a case worker, your psychiatrist and family. They really do all care and want to help. We know we can never be cured and we will have our ups and downs. After a while you are able to handle things easier by not letting your triggers set you off. I still get anxiety, like about tomorrow, but I am ready. I was thinking of getting a banking job, but that just really didn’t seem the right path without them knowing about my illness. I wasn’t sure I could do that yet.

Tomorrow I am putting my application in for Peer Support Specialist at the Activity Center here, wish me luck! They know at the get go that I am recovering, but stable. I cannot forget my friend online either, thanks Steph!

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