Trouble with Mother-in Law

Friday, June 25, 2010

I am very frustrated with this woman. Over the years she has given me so much unwanted advice. She has no business in most things. As I said I was bipolar since twenty but not diagnosed til May 2009. I asked her repeatedly to keep her comments or dislikes about me to herself. The other day she was again going to give me advice. I said no I don’t want it anymore. I finally got angry and told her many of the things that she said that upset me over the years. She was astounded said I must be delusional or she never meant it like I understood it. She has never hurt anyone in her whole life. My husband finally told her to leave me alone. Just today one last dig. She wanted to know why I chose bullying in schools to go manic on. Why didn’t I chose sick and dying people instead. Is this understanding? I am very sensitive, always have been but since becoming bipolar I refuse to take verbal abuse. I had enough all my life.

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