Before I came back to the U.S.

Very Hard Times

Sunday, June 06, 2010
I’ve been through two very hard days again. I got upset because my daughter was mistreated by a so-called friend. My husband and I argued, it became much bigger about the way he feels about other people. He says he could care less. He only cares for his family only. He is a hater and I don’t like it. I could leave, I live abroad, but I will leave alone. My daughter is 13 wants to stay here. My husband did not always talk this way. Just more so since I was diagnosed last year. We been married 14 yrs. I leave the house and walk knowing there is no place to go. I just want to live and be happy. More and more the triggers go off. I can’t avoid them. No one can understand me or really cares to try. My therapist is all, but that will end soon. My husband said he loves me and will try not to speak this way again. We will see, I am not going to live hearing this. Nice that I’m fifty-four and have to start over, again.

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