That is that.

Well finally after pushing so hard, they finally both wrote. If they don’t ask about him in the future, they will not know. They don’t really want to be bothered anyway. At least I got that much out of them. I am tired of trying to get any answers. I don’t know what is happening in their lives except what I read on the internet site I mentioned before. That will be enough for me. I would think a lot of people I know, would have left already. The country is very unstable.

 Lebanon has mostly always been that way. I always found out things myself once I found this site. They say Israel is infringing on their rights by spying. If they don’t watch Hezbollah it could get out of control quickly. Everyone knows they are gearing up. I don’t believe the next war will keep the Christians there safe either. The attack of Hezbollah will be intense, since they have been stockpiling weapons since 2006. Israel’s response will be strong also. There is a warning since all the other countries are basically in civil wars. The same will happen there. Though the government was toppled, it’s the same disagreements over and over. When they release the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s findings, about who killed Rafik Hariri and others, namely Hezbollah members. There will terrorist acts to take it away from top news. I can see a civil war brewing also between the Shiites and Sunni Muslims. No wonder Israel is upset. When push comes to shove, they will join together to fight against Israel if Hezbollah sends rockets there. I am not any expert, I visited ten years and lived there two. I had no idea that both sects despise Israel until I came back here.

I know the U.S. says they are trying to help but, it’s a terrible thing that we have lost so many young men, fathers, mothers, daughters and others over something that can’t be stopped in Afghanistan and Iraq and other countries. A few days ago from a house near a prison in Afghanistan they tunneled to the prison. Five hundred Taliban fighters got out. Some Lebanese abducted six Estonians, for more terror. Eleven of the abductors are in jail. The abductees nowhere to be found. I’m not saying I don’t care about the people because I do so much, but we can’t fight the whole world. The U.S. is going to suffer too we are already with our deficit. Just my feelings from what I’ve read and learned. Glad I’m here and not there but, when almost the whole Middle East world is warring what can we do, pray. It’s prophesy you believe or you don’t. I keep saying make your choice, God, through Jesus or evil. No choice is making one for evil. No one knows the date or time only God.

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