Talking to me, I’m someone.

I need a real Christian to talk to besides my brother. We had our Easter dinner today because my one brother has plans tomorrow. He has his wife’s family. My sister is going home tomorrow. I know God always listens but, I need someone who shares my views about all of the Bible being true. I said before I know God gave the Holy Spirit to those that wrote the Bible. Is he not perfect? They aren’t but, would he let them make mistakes in his Gospel. I don’t think so. I have as many people have suffered many things in my life. I was off living my life for myself in the worldly world. Hey, look what it got me mounds of grief. I finally learned my lesson after letting him lead My life. Yes, I have the affliction of bipolar. My family can get me really going when we speak of Religion. My brother and I are just trying to share the word with them. They look at it as trying to change their views, or stuff it down their throats, etc. We listen to their views too. We are supposed to remain silent and accepting. I don’t agree with them so as I said before I don’t want to have the arguments so I try to keep to myself.

Christians always have to be stronger with God’s help.  Dad watched a tape about Genesis with him yesterday.  My other brother says he has his views and that’s it. If you don’t want to watch something or hear something, be kind. My brother said he is done and so am I trying to explain what I feel about being saved. Their hearts must be hardened some way. We have to leave it to God, to do it his way. We are just making them angry. I wish God would come today or soon to take me and all other Christians away from this.

I can hear them speaking in the other room about material things. How they work so hard. Without letting God lead their lives. So go ahead make it harder, I did for the longest time and it got me ditto. I lost my family because I got sick with bipolar, what can be worse than that. I would rather die for the Lord and be done with it all, but it’s not my choice.

Next week I’m visiting the activity center. Maybe I’ll find someone just to talk with about our disorders. Then later maybe God. I’m not trying to force anyone to listen if their minds are closed. I just want to help people by listening and sharing.

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