People are so mean.

I just read about another celebrity that is bipolar. The hate for people like us it is downright rude. Why do people say these things when they don’t even know anything about it? If they did they wouldn’t want to be in our shoes. Haven’t we all said time after time, that bipolar is just a part of us, like any other disease, diabetes, cancer, etc? We can’t help it our brains have a genetic disorder. If it was fixable, we would fix it. They think just because they are celebrities, they are trying to get attention. Yes, attention alright to the cause, to the stigma of realizing that there are many of us out there. What I have to say to them is open your eyes, stop seeing with hate. If you don’t have a kind word to say about any disorder, mental illness or disease, just keep quiet. If you would educate yourselves, you would have empathy, not hate. It’s on popeater. com if you are interested. Zeta Jones last week, Lovato this week. I say, thanks for your support for others like us.

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