Not enough priests to go around for the diocese.

Priests in the Catholic Church are lacking. Some have two and up to five parishes that they have to lead mass at. The next step will be more masses or closing churches and consolidating the parishes. I know our church couldn’t take anymore without more masses. I like our priest he is very christian. He speaks from the heart. Gives good homilies and keeps my attention on God. He is always talking about having the light in your heart and to love one another and forgive. If you get angry it’s your fault you are. One day he said put on the whole armor of God, I liked his statement. Who knows how many are really listening or going through their weekly attendance and forget the rest of the week. If bipolar is the worst it gets now so be it. If things gets worse I won’t be worrying. It’s under God’s control. I will do my best to pray and read my Bible everyday. If you think living the best way you can and being as good as you can will get you there, you are wrong. It’s not enough. You do have to put on the whole armor of God. We will always fall short because we are still flesh. What a wonderful feeling to know you are going to Heaven and he changes you to prepare you. Jesus saved us.

I really want to see my daughter and son again and his family and my step-son. My dad was even thinking, in his state of going to see my son and his family. He didn’t tell mom and I. He told my sister over the phone. He wouldn’t make it though, Colorado is just to far. I said before my son wrote him a wonderful letter when I first told him he was ill. He was so touched. I am still waiting for my daughter and step-son to send theirs. Maybe it will happen with God’s help. Maybe it’s just that they will not do it because of pride, because I left him not them. I was getting sicker I was getting worse with nowhere to turn for help. Even all the doctors and therapists didn’t get what was happening in my own home. I asked what do I do when people keep being mean to me. My last psychiatrist there said I have to live with it. I don’t blame him, he just didn’t really understand. My therapist said it was because of his own illness, poly cystic kidney disease. I still say there was no excuse to be bitter and hateful to your mentally sick wife.

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